Regular Communications

Saturday 14th May  2011  AD 6011 AL

Lodge Members Photographs 1:00pm

MEMBERS ONLY - just to keep on schedule

Open Lodge - Business Meeting 1:30pm

RECESS  to admit NON-MASONIC Visitors 1:45pm

Public Ceremonies

RECEIVE Masonic Visitors 2:00pm

WELCOME by Wor. John R. Lundborn

Introduction of Sitting Officers

Introduction of Master of Ceremonies  ~  R.W. James A. Gilrein, II

"As Masons, we are taught that no man should enter into any great or important undertaking without first invoking the Blessing of Deity..."

INVOCATION   Psalm 133  ~   Bro. Gregory C. Banks

Psalm 133

Origin of the Name of King Hiram's Lodge

" King Hiram, one of our Ancient Grand Masters,  is represented in the Lodge by the Senior Warden ... "

Reading from Kings I Chapter V  ~  Wor. William H. Amaru  SW

from Kings I  Chapter V

" Before performing a Veterans Memorial, let us remind ourselves of what it is that they fought, and in too many cases, died for ... "

Mayflower Compact  ~ Bro. James R. Lyman

Mayflower Compact  ~ 11 Nov 1620

Remembrance and Recognition of Veterans  ~ Wor. William F. Reade

Veterans Memorial

Memorial for Departed Brothers   RW Gilrien, Bro. Daniel Llata & officers


Bro Little Memorial

Bro. Little Scroll

Secretaries Memorial ~ Wor. Charles P. Morton


Recognition of Long Time Members:   20 ~ 30 ~ 40  year members

50 Year Members

Living Fifty Year Veterans Medal


Wor. Leroy  E. Atkins,  Wor. Clifford E. Brautigam , Bro. Howard W. Burch

RW Leland D. Cobb, Bro. William Finkel, Bro. Kenneth R. Johnson

RW Southard Lippincott,Bro. Robert E. Livingston, Wor. Nathan S. Nevins

Bro. Cliffton R. Smith, Bro. Herbert W. Stranger, Jr, Bro. Hersey D. Taylor


Presentation:  Wor. Nathan S. Nevins

Recognition of Member Past & Sitting District Deputy Grand Masters  ~  Wor. John R. Lundborn

 RW James A. Gilrein, II, RW Herbert B. Kinney, RW Southard Lippincott, RW  W. Bradford Morse

RW Gerald Bergeron, RW Leland D. Cobb, R W Robert E. Howes,  RW James T. Morse, RW David R. Thomson

Recognition of Past Masters of King Hiram's Lodge  and Affiliated  Past Masters

Living Past & Affiliated Masters - Members of KHL

Remarks  by Distinguished Masons

Proclamations   ~ Bro. Austin P. Knight  ~ Provincetown Selectman

Presentation ~   EX James J. Bennette, High Priest ~ Sylvester Baxter Royal Arch Chapter

Sylvester Baxter

Letters other York Rite Bodies

Anchor & Ark  #497 AMD

Other expressions of Congratulations

Closing Remarks by

 Master of Ceremonies ~ RW James A. Gilrien

Master of the Lodge ~ Wor. John R. Lundborn

District Deputy Grand  Grand Master, 21th Masonic District,  RW Henry Parke Burke

Prayer WM John R. Lundborn & Closing