Lodge Tour, Part 2: The Present Day

In viewing the preceding photographs, you may have noticed that the Lodge appeared a little taller than it does today.  Well, it was.  In June of 1971, the building suffered from structural damage due to it's age and long exposure to harsh weather, being located practically on Provincetown harbor.  Additionally, the 2nd floor Banquet Hall, after being the site of countless events, eventually fell into disuse and disrepair.  Faced with selling the building or making drastic repairs, the Lodge opted to shore up the structure, install a new foundation, remove the first floor where most of the damage had occurred, and lower the building.

King Hiram's Lodge, as it appeared in November, 1971.  By this time, the large 2nd floor windows, undoubtedly leaky and drafty,  had been removed, and a roof-shaped facade installed.


Building as it appeared in February, 1972.  Main floor has been removed, and building lowered onto it's new foundation.


Later in February, 1972

At this point, the facade was removed and the interior of what was the Banquet Hall was gutted to make way for new commercial space. 

Building as it appeared in 1995

All ten of the top floor windows were then removed and shingled over, and the commercial space was changed from two units to one large space. 


King Hiram's Lodge as it appears today.

In 1995 it was decided to give the building a much needed facelift.  Early photographs were carefully researched to come up with a design which would return the building to it's original appearance, at least as closely as possible considering that an entire floor had been removed.  The two front windows on the top floor were replicated with much attention to detail on these, as well as the storefront and decorative moldings.  At the same time, several other improvements were completed including a new heating system, the installation of a fire, burglar and water alarm system and kitchen upgrades.

Due to the resurgence in interest in the Lodge within the community and our growing membership, many further improvements are now being planned.  A new rear entrance and fire escape are about to be installed, to be followed by an elevator, formal front entrance, dining hall renovations and museum space. 


PART 3, Lodge Room Interior