December Candlelight Meeting

    Just about the time everyone arrived for our meeting on December 1st, a blackout occurred sending the building into complete darkness.  Thankfully, we had set up Lodge in the dining hall, and there were lots of candles to bring us light.  Jim Theriault's Kale Soup was hot on the stove, so we had food.  Unfortunately, Matt Monroe's Porco Em Pau had just gone into the oven, so guess what's for dinner at our January meeting!!  The meeting went off without a hitch, everyone had a great time, and just as fate would have it, the lights came on right after dessert!  Just goes to show, you never know what's going to happen next at King Hiram's Lodge!

Brother Arthur Eldredge holds a flashlight for Wor. LeRoy Atkins, our esteemed Secretary, so that he might be able to read the minutes of our November meeting.

Lodge was set up in the dining hall, and no one seemed to mind the candlelight.


Wor. Jim Theriault served up his delicious (and hot) Kale Soup. 

Joining us for the evening was R.W. John Patrick (at center, seated at end of table), King Hiram's Lodge's oldest living member (94) and the oldest Past District Deputy on the Cape. 

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