"The First Hundred Years - Part II"

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5/6/1867 Ephraim Parker Cook, Captain and owner of the 135 ton bark PARKER COOK is accepted. The PARKER COOK was attacked by a whale in 1850 on a whaling voyage off the Azores. (See Provincetown Whaling Vessels data base) The Lodge decides to buy the property known as the Union House. This is the present location of King Hiram's Lodge the Union House was badly damaged in a fire in the summer of 1858. Three buildings on the opposite side of Commercial Street were totally destroyed.

12/2/1867 Joseph W. Goodspeed, Captain of the 108 ton schooner RIENZI (Burned by the C.S.S. ALABAMA 1863) asks for a demit to join Adams Lodge in Wellfleet.

1/6/1868 Bros. Charles Thompson and George Kelley are lost with all hands aboard 120 ton schooner ETTA G. FOGG off the Grand Banks. The Lodge looks after Kelly's widow Olive for the rest of her life.

4/14/1868 Captain Rueben Ryder dies at Marblehead, MA aged 65 11/2/1868 The lodge votes to sell stock subscriptions in the new lodge building at 25.00 a share.

April 1869 The first of three King Hiram's Lodge Masonic Festivals is held.

11/1/1869 Lysander Paine, operator of the first stage coach service between Orleans and Provincetown, is accepted.

1/3/1870 This is the last meeting of King Hiram's Lodge at Marine Hall I.O.O.F.

1/6/1870 Thursday noon, the first meeting is held at the lodge at 222 Commercial Street. A committee of 5 is appointed to solicit subscriptions to purchase furniture; "To be repaid when the lodge is free from debt." The committee raises 500.00 by 2/7/1870.

There was no Regular Meeting held in April of 1870 as the Master and Wardens were absent. There was a Special Communication held on 4/16/1870.

5/2/1870 Joshua E. Bowley and Gamaliel B. Smith donate the clock over the Senior Wardens station.

9/21/1870 Captain Isaiah Atkins lost at sea, aged 40.

9/22/1870 Captain Joseph A. Lavender lost at sea, aged 45.

11/29/1870 The new lodge is dedicated by "acting" Grand Lodge Officers" Joseph K. Baker as Grand Master.

2/6/1871 Four paintings depicting the work of the second degree are donated by Bro. Benjamin D. Gifford. These paintings were presented to St. Martin's Lodge on 4/6/1874 when the currant murals were painted. Gifford organized St. Martin's Lodge.

11/6/1871 Fifty dollars in subscriptions is taken from the membership present to be sent to Chicago to aid in relief of the terrible fire there.

12/11/1871 Lodge attends a memorial service for J.S. Hopkins who died of heart disease at sea aboard the whaling brig E.H. RICH on March 31,1871.

12/24/1871 Lodge attends a memorial service for Capt. Joseph B. Dyer who died at sea in March aboard the 82 ton schooner GRACIE M. PARKER.

11/4/1872 Lodge attends funeral of John O. Smith who died at sea 8/16/1871 as chief mate of the 94 ton schooner QUICK STEP when it was dismantled in a gale on August 16. The ship was towed into Vineyard Haven.

11/8/1872 Lodge announces the death of Benjamin Freeman who was lost at sea near Samarang, Java aged 49.

1/4/1873 Lodge announces the death by drowning of Capt. Roderick Matheson in New York.

2/23/1874 Captain Duncan Alexander Matheson raised to a Master Mason.

4/6/1874 Lodge announces the death of Captain Josiah Cook, captain of the 190 ton whaling bark SPARTAN since 1850.

11/16/1874 Rt. Wor. Joseph P. Johnson presides at the annual installation of officers. A coalition follows at the Atlantic House.

12/6/1875 The Christian Union Society of North Truro requests K.H.L's old alter after the arrival of the present one. The alter was donated by T.D. Atwood of Boston in appreciation of courtesies extended to him by Lyman P. Rich on a visit to Provincetown in 1873.

11/20/1876 The lodge presents Joseph P. Johnson a gold headed cane. The cane was returned to the lodge by his grandson.

9/3/1877 Whipple A. Leach dies of contagious disease (cholera) at sea aboard the whaling schooner CHARLES H. THOMPSON. Resolutions were adopted 11/5/1877.

1/7/1878 A vote of censure is passed on Samuel H. Howes for disclosing "Masonic secrets."

3/4/1878 An announcement that Edward Payson Pontwell had died at the Pilgrim House, aged 26 years 13 days. It was voted to forward his lodge dues to his friends.

4/7/1879 The lodge donates 15.00 to John W. Cummings, first mate on the schooner M.E. ELDREDGE which was wrecked on the night of April 3, 1879.

4/27/1879 A funeral service is held in the lodge room for Edmund Smith who died on 4/25/1879 aged 47 years with his family and friends present. There was singing by a choir and remarks by Rev. R.D. Libby with parts of the masonic burial service. From the lodge a procession repaired to the grave, where the conclusion of the service was performed. Smith was a founding member of the Rescue, Hook and Ladder Co. in 1850.

5/19/1879 At a Special Communication, Moses N. Gifford reports that Bro. Kenneth McAskill an entered apprentice is reported "To have been careless and too free with the signs and they do not feel like giving him the second." It is voted to put McAskill on probation until the fall. Joseph P. Johnson informs McAskill who is waiting in the ante-room. Kenneth McAskill is raised to a Master Mason on 2/9/1880 and there is an announcement in the lodge on 10/3/1881 that he was lost at sea.

10/4/1879 Lodge attends the funeral of Captain Elisha Tilson aged 75 years, who died at sea at Carrelton Cape Breton N.S. (Roderick Matheson II is also killed in the same incident.) Tilson moved to Provincetown in 1823 and joined the lodge "during the dark days of Masonry."He was captain of the whaling brigs PACIFIC and FRANKLIN. He also commanded the whaling schooner WALTER K. in 1851.

1/19/1880 Past Master Artemus P. Hannum reports on the masonic relics discovered under the obelisk in Egypt which was being given to the United States during the building of the Suez Canal. This refers to Cleopatra's needle in Central Park N.Y.C. An article about the obelisk appeared in the summer 1993 edition of TROWEL MAGAZINE, written by James T. Watson.

5/3/1880 Lodge announces the death of Capt. Asaph S. Atkins at Carricou, West Indies on 4/6/1880.

12/15/1880 The lodge attends the funeral of Joshua Snow aged 39 years. His casket is taken by the Old Colony Railroad to Orleans where he was buried from the Congregationalist Church. The trip by rail was an hour and a half each way. His widow gives a portrait of Snow to the lodge on 11/14/1881.

1/3/1881 A portrait of Capt. Elisha Tilson is donated to the lodge by his family.

3/7/1881 Resolutions on the death of John McDonald who died at sea on 12/27/1880 were adopted by the lodge.

3/21/1881 Bro. J.B. Kingsley is appointed the first historian of King Hiram's Lodge who states on 4/4/1881 "That it would be impossible to do anything with the history of this lodge." He asks for a demit from membership on 5/2/1881.

11/7/1881 A communication is read from Grand Lodge regarding the recent assassination of President James Abram Garfield.

1/29/1882 The lodge attends the funeral of Capt. Martin W. Cornell, aged 72. Cornell was captain of the schooner A. NICKERSON in 1852 when it was lost on Manatilla Reef. He then commanded the schooner ALEXANDER in 1854.

3/20/1882 The Grand Master of Massachusetts, Samuel C. Lawrence is received at a Special Communication. He speaks on "Grand Lodge Debt" and urged payment of a "Commutation Tax to relieve the Grand Lodge from its burden and reproach." The tax refers to debts incurred by Grand Lodge in rebuilding the Temple on Tremont Street, Boston after the fire of April 1864 had destroyed it.

1/11/1883 The lodge organizes the funeral of Charles Derby, aged 85 years. Derby came to Provincetown in 1798 at age 4 aboard the whaling schooner POLLY as the ward of Capt. Jonathan Cook. He was a mariner and became the keeper of Long Point Light. He was interred in the town tomb.

2/19/1883 A communication is received from John Nichols Jr. W.M. of Palestine Lodge in Everett, MA regarding the widow of member Rueben Young being in needy circumstances. Young, captain of the whaling schooner RIENZI was accepted in 1798 and was Junior Deacon of the Lodge. Harvey Sparrow, Master of King Hiram's Lodge sends William N. Young to Everett to try to get Young's diploma and refers her situation to the board of relief. Young returns without the diploma and Rueben Young's widow dies after returning to Nova Scotia. The certificate in the Lodge Collection was given to the lodge by a neighbor of Rueben Young's daughter. This is one of three Paul Revere engraved certificates in the lodge's collection.

11/3/1884 The lodge adopts resolutions on the death of John A. Williams, lost at sea in a gale 11/27/1883 aboard the schooner WESTMORELAND with his wife and young daughter.

2/26/1885 Lodge attends funeral of Stephen H. Smith who died 2/23/1885 aged 37. He was buried in the tomb of member John Young.

10/26/1885 The lodge receives a visitation from the Grand Master of Massachusetts, Abraham H. Howland Jr. during the official visitation of A.G. Cash District Deputy Grand Master of the Provincetown District. The Grand Master spoke against the custom of King Hiram's Lodge electing a new Master every year. "The lodge listened with much interest to the Grand's remarks." Lewis Baker was installed as the new Master of King Hiram's Lodge at the next regular communication.

12/20/1886 At a Special Communication Moses N. Gifford presents to Arthur Louis Putnam on behalf of King Hiram's Lodge, a Rogers Group called John Alden. In appreciation for 16 years as treasurer of the lodge. It cost 22.75. Notes; John Rogers was a sculptor born in 1829 at Salem, MA. He sculpted in clay and his work gained prominence during the Civil War. His work John Alden was among other "groups" which included Lincoln, Stanton and Grant, Civil War Battles and Shakespeare's plays. In 1880 Pliny Nickerson presented to the town of Harwich 46 Rogers statuettes. This was considered one of the largest collections of Rogers work in the world and was placed in the Brooks Library at Harwich. In 1946 an article describing this collection stated that an individual piece on the art market would be considered "invaluable."

2/7/1887 Past Master Moses N. Gifford presents a gavel to the lodge made from wood off the British Man-O-War Somerset which was wrecked on Peaked Hill Bars in 1778. The crew of the Somerset was captured and the ship was stripped by the people of Provincetown and Truro in defiance of British authority.

10/20/1887 Lodge organizes a funeral service for Archibald Campbell, a member of Sucon Lodge No. 66 at Whycomach, Cape Breton N.S. who died at sea near Liverpool, Nova Scotia. He was buried in Provincetown with 21 members of the lodge present.

10/31/1887 The first official visitation of newly appointed District Deputy of the Provincetown District, Artemus P. Hannum. He is accompanied by four Grand Lodge Officers from Boston.

11/7/1887 Mrs. Rosalia Bangs asks the lodge to take charge of the funeral of her husband Elijah Bangs whose remains had been transported from San Francisco by Capt. Reed of Tearsport ME. Mrs. Bangs was the only fatality that occurred during the building of the Pilgrim Monument when a loose railway car struck her. Capt. Rueben Swift retires as secretary of King Hiram's Lodge after 17 years due to physical problems. He was captain of the bark SAMUEL and THOMAS and died in 1889 aged 45.

2/6/1888 Announcement in Lodge that members John W. Atkins, George W. Dyer and William Allen were lost with the entire crew of the schooner REBECCA R. NICKERSON off the Grand Banks in the gale of 9/3/1887. (William Allen's Master Mason's Certificate is in the Collection of King Hiram's Lodge.)

2/13/1888 Plans for a "sociable" to be held at the Lodge on 2/16/1888 are completed. Entertainment is to include music, readings, games and dancing.

4/17/1888 Special Communication to attend the funeral of Augustus Mitchell who died 4/13/1888 at Provincetown aged 55. He was born on Nantucket 10/23/1832. Mitchell was the son of an Azorean whaling captain and served as boat steerer on several Provincetown vessels.

5/27/1888 Special Communication to attend the funeral of Angus McRitchie. Born Cape Breton N.S. March of 1839 and died May of 1888 at Mobile, Alabama aged 39.

6/4/1888 Lodge votes to reverse policy of members aged 65 and over being exempt from paying yearly dues. At this time there were 56 members over 50 years old, and 27 members under. An application for membership is received from Capt. John William Campbell. Campbell dies at sea in August of 1893 at age 37 aboard the schooner Jessie T. Matheson. Resolutions are adopted by the Lodge on 9/4/1893.

11/4/1888 Special Communication to attend the funeral of Manuel Rogers aged 65. Rogers was born at Fayal, Azores and ran away at 15 to join an American whaling bark, the United States. In 1870 he signed on as first mate aboard the 332 ton whaling ship Reindeer out of New Bedford. On September 10, 1871 the Reindeer in the company of 32 other whaling vessels was wrecked in the Arctic off Point Belcher. This occurred again in 1873 when Rogers, this time aboard the Meringo was caught with 18 other ships in pack ice off Harrison Bay twenty five miles from land. After three days of crossing the ice his crew reached Port Barrow where they were rescued.

11/5/1888 Application for membership is received from John Hopkins Livernion, a shipsmith. Born 8/31/1850.

12/10/1888 The schooner M & A MORRISON of Shelburne Nova Scotia was found wrecked and abandoned in Massachusetts Bay with one body on board on 11/29/1888. The vessel was towed into Provincetown harbor and the body was identified as Donald Morrison of Albert Lodge No. 30 of Shelburne. The Lodge claims Morrisons remains and notifies his family. After preparation the Lodge ships his body to Nova Scotia for burial.

2/4/1889 Lodge votes that Past Masters Jewels be gold plated rather than silver. Wor. James A. Small is the first to receive a gold plated jewel.

8/1/1889 The Lodge takes part in the dedication exercises of the Pilgrim National Monument at Plymouth by the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts.

11/4/1889 Resolutions on the death of Robert L. West who was lost at sea in the hurricane of April 3, 1889 on his passage from Charlestown, S.C. to Weymouth, MA are adopted by the Lodge. West was born at Liverpool Nova Scotia on 12/22/1844 and joined the Lodge on 12/16/1867. He was captain of the FRANC LAMBERTH which was lost with all hands on 4/3/1889.

12/1/1889 50 members of the Lodge attend the funeral of Captain Edwin C. Mayo. Mayo was born 1/18/1835 and died 11/27/1889 aged 54.

12/8/1889 55 members of the lodge attend the funeral of former secretary Rueben Swift who died at Newtonville 12/5/1889 aged 45 after a brief illness.

3/3/1890 Announcement is made of the death of Murdock McKay at St. Thomas, West Indies. On 4/7/1890 a letter of thanks from the Lodge is sent to Harmonic Lodge No. 356 of St. Thomas for attending to the funeral and interring McKay. The Lodge adopts resolutions on the death of Samuel Fisher aged 62.

4/7/1890 The Lodge receives a communication from Grand Lodge regarding plans to build a masonic temple at Fredericksburg, VA as a memorial to George Washington.

6/27/1890 Special Communication to attend funeral of Xenophon Rich, captain of the schooner WINGED RACER. Rich died 6/24/1890 aged 56.

9/1/1890 An application for membership is received from mariner Roderick William Matheson, born Cape Breton N.S.

11/3/1890 A committee of 5 is appointed to attend to planning the 100'th anniversary celebration of the Lodge in 1895. It was voted that 100.00 per year be expended from the funds of the Lodge for that purpose. Wor. Artemus P. Hannum is appointed a committee to establish a library in the Lodge. 30.00 is appropriated. A bookcase built by member Andrew Kennedy is purchased at a cost of 22.00

4/6/1891 An application for membership is received from Walter Shelton Cook of Provincetown. His occupation is sailmaker.

5/1/1891 46 members attend the funeral of Joseph P. Johnson. Born at Essex, CT on 7/18/1813 died at Provincetown 4/28/1891. His funeral is conducted at the Centre Methodist Church with 5 ministers attending. By vote of the Lodge the resolutions adopted on his death were the last to be forwarded to the family of a deceased member. From this time on they were to be recorded in the records only. Johnson's resolutions were written by Wor. Artemus P. Hannum, in addition to appearing in the records of 9/21/1889 a handwritten copy is in the Lodge archives. ( See member Database for additional information on Johnson, also see Lodge Collection catalogue and Whaling Vessels Database under schooner Joseph P. Johnson.)

9/7/1891 An application for membership is received from Oren Avery Paine, a mariner born at Wellfleet 11/15/1852. Paine is accepted but dies at sea 2 months later before taking any of his degrees. His application fee is returned to his family.

9/21/1891 An application for membership is received from John Silva born at St. Michael, Azores. Silva was a whaling master who's second command was the vessel Mattapoisett which left port 10/25/1879. It is noted in the ships log that Thanksgiving day was celebrated aboard the ship in 1880. The captain had gone ashore at Brava to find a third mate and came back on board with a turkey. The log entry reads "Strong breeze from E.S.E. Ran down close to Brava . A pig fell down the hatch and we had turkey. At the same meeting resolutions were adopted by the Lodge that the November 1891 Regular Communication be numbered in the records as the 957'th Regular Communication of King Hiram's Lodge. This handwritten document, approved by Grand Lodge was testament to the fact that the Lodge met during the turbulent years of the Morgan Affair and is in the Lodge Collection.

1/4/1892 An application for membership is received from William Wallace Johnson. He was born at Provincetown 5/18/1857, son of Joseph P. Johnson. His occupation is railway mail clerk for the Old Colony Railroad.

1/18/1892 A report is given in Lodge of the improving condition of James Small and Joseph and John Whitcomb after a boat building accident.

3/7/1892 The Lodge adopts resolutions on the death of William Winship Smith born 1825. He was a boat builder and served in the Union Army during the Civil War.

4/4/1892 Resolutions are adopted on the deaths of Abner Bicknell Rich, a mariner born in 1831 and Raymond Ellington, a Union Army veteran. He was station master and freight agent for the Old Colony R.R. at Provincetown for 18 years and died at St. Albans, VT.

5/2/1892 Resolutions are adopted for Nathaniel Hopkins a shipwright and spar maker born in 1815.

9/5/1892 An application for membership is received from William H. Young. He became one of the founders of the Provincetown Art Association.

1/2/1893 Resolutions adopted for Thomas N. Paine a mariner born in 1832.

1/17/1893 The Grand Lodge sends Grand Lecturer R.W. Gifford H.G. McGreen to instruct on the second and third degree lectures. The Lodge is his host for two days and accommodates him at the Atlantic House Hotel as evidenced by the bill submitted by Frank P. Smith.

5/1/1893 An application for membership is received by master mariner Norman L. Matheson who was born at Grand River Nova Scotia.

6/5/1893 Moses N. Gifford and H.P. Hughes are appointed a committee to procure new officers aprons. The aprons were fashioned of leather and are in the Lodge Collection. Resolutions are adopted for fisherman and mackerel skipper Nathaniel T.D. Wiley.

9/4/1893 A report is received concerning the sudden death of Grand Master Richard Briges on 7/29/1893. The altar is ordered to be draped for 90 days by Recording Grand Secretary Sereno Nickerson.

11/24/1893 The Lodge attends the funeral of Elisha Smith Burch. A captain in the North Atlantic whale fisheries, he was born 12/6/1823. A memorial is presented to the Lodge by F.A.H. Gifford on 2/5/1894.

12/4/1893 Applications are received from Samuel Osborn Fisher a member of the U.S. Lifesaving Service born at Provincetown 2/21/1861 and William Martin Wareham a mariner, born 12/25/1863.

12/11/1893 The Lodge purchases new officers collars at a cost of 42.00.

12/21/1894 The Lodge attend the funeral of Joseph M. Caton, captain of the JOHN ADAMS and MERMAID which were both destroyed by the C.S.S. ALABAMA in 1863. Ship captains Elisha Rich, Angus McKAY and T.S. Taylor along with boat builder and shipwright Andrew Kennedy act as pallbearers. The procession formed at his home on Franklin Street and services by the Rev. Richard Povey were conducted at the Centre Methodist Church.

2/5/1894 A memorial to Silas Dewey Fish, an engineer for the Old Colony R.R. who later became a machinist for the engines at Hyannis and Provincetown were entered into the records.

10/1/1894 An application for membership is received from Frank Dexter Baker, an engineer for the Old Colony R.R born at Boston 2/14/1865. A memorial to Joseph Cross a sea captain born at Lisbon, Portugal who died at age 80 is read by James A. Small and entered into the records.

11/5/1894 An application is received from Frank Duncan McKAY a mariner born 2/16/1865 at Baddick Nova Scotia. He was the son of another member Frank W. McKay who was lost at sea on a whaling voyage in 1877.

2/4/1895 The application for membership is received from master mariner John Neil Ross. He was born at Barrington Nova Scotia and died at sea on 6/3/1895.

5/6/1895 The Lodge is invited by Solomon's Lodge of Charlestown, MA to attend the centennial celebration of the Joseph Warren Memorial Monument. The Lodge spends 21.00 to procure six new gas lamps for the chandelier.

6/3/1895 The Lodge is extended an invitation to attend the 25'th anniversary of the Joseph Warren R.A. Chapter. The chapter had been meeting in the lodge rooms since 1870. There are 3 R.A. Chapter certificates in the Lodge Collection from 1870.

9/2/1895 The application for membership is received from Seymour Emerson Holden, a surfman for the U.S. Lifesaving Service. Born 3/3/1868 at North Truro, MA.

10/7/1895 An application for membership is received from Capt. Leslie Atherton Spinney. Born 10/2/1864 at Argyle Nova Scotia, died at Provincetown 1912.

10/28/1895 William H. Hinckley addresses the Lodge as the District Deputy Junior Grand Warden on the occasion of the official visitation of R.W. Errard L. Chase of the 28'th Masonic District. E.C. Hinckley is introduced as the District Deputy Grand Marshall. They were the founders of Hinckley and Sons Home Center of Cape Cod.

11/11/1895 William W. Johnson is installed as master of King Hiram's Lodge. He appoints Moses N. Gifford as chairman of a committee of 7 to complete arrangements for the 100'th anniversary celebration.

12/2/1895 A report of the Anniversary committee is received. The celebration is scheduled for 3/25/1896. A banquet is to be held with tickets being available to all Masons desiring them. An oration is to be delivered preceding a concert by the Temple Quartet in the evening at Town Hal. A dance is to follow. Members vote that a history of the Lodge should be published and that William Johnson is to prepare and deliver it.

12/12/1895 The Lodge meets at a Special Communication to observe the 100'th anniversary of the signing of the charter of King Hiram's Lodge. Resolutions are read by Wor. James A. Small and entered into the records. (See file JIMRESL for text)

12/6/1895 Andrew T. Williams bill of 3.25 for providing the Thanksgiving dinner for Mrs. A.L. Abbott is ordered to be paid. The Lodge had been providing Thanksgiving dinners to needy members, widows of members and their children since 1850.

2/25/1896 The Lodge meets at 11:00 a.m. to attend the funeral of Nathan K. Persons who died at Roxbury on 12/22/1895. Carriages were hired from the estate of Samuel Knowles to transport the members to Truro where the service was to be conducted. Lodge was closed at 4:00 p.m.

2/2/1896 A circular letter to the membership regarding the Centenary Celebration is approved. Invitations are sent to the Grand Lodge, Masons of the 28'th district and past D.D.G.Masters. The stewards are instructed to procure additional aprons and to have the Lodge rooms cleaned. (The letter and list of Grand Lodge Officers who attended are in the Lodge Collection) A memorial to Capt. Benjamin Hatch Atkins is read by Andrew T. Williams. It reads in part "He left high school in 1855 to follow the sea and quickly rose to the rank of commander of some of our best whaling vessels."

3/12/1896 Lodge meets to attend the funeral of Capt. William Matheson who died 0n 3/8/1896. The service is conducted by the Rev. W.F. Skerry, pastor of the First Congregational Church. He was the owner and captain of the whaling vessels MARY MATHESON and JESSIE T. MATHESON.

3/25/1896 On Wednesday at 2:30 p.m. Lodge opened to observe their 100'th anniversary celebration with 160 persons present. The Grand Lodge Officers were received at 3:15 p.m. following which the procession moved to Town Hall where the exercises had been planned. A banquet was served at 5:30 with Artemus P. Hannum as toastmaster and master of ceremonies. A concert followed at 8:00. The last entry in the record is to note that 4 members met to close Lodge on Thursday 3/26 at 7:30 p.m. ( The Lodge Collection includes dance cards, programs of events, menus and newspapers detailing the events of the celebration from 3/26/1896)

All the historical content in these pages researched and compiled by Wor. James J. Theriault, curator of King Hiram's Museum and lodge historian. Any comments concerning content may be sent to James J. Theriault, 541A Main Street, Hyannis, MA 02601

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