Monument Cornerstone Centennial

Monday 20th August 2007


With Grand Master of Masons in Massachusetts,

M. W.  Jeffery Black Hodgdon GM

 and his suite of officers to commemorated the


The Grand Master wearing a Centennial pin (lapel)

The children of Provincetown greet the GM

 Centennial of the Laying of the

Cornerstone of the Pilgrim Monument  

 on Monday

August 20th, 2007

The Masonic cornerstone laying ceremony symbolizes giving the fruit of an individual or communityís labor to the greater good.  Operative stonemasons hewed, squared and laid stones that formed the noble structures of antiquity and the soaring cathedrals of the Middle Ages.  Their creations were more than mere piles of bricks and granite; they were symbols of manís persistent desire to establish order and harmony in the building of communities.

 The working tools for this Centennial celebration were  the square, level and plumb officerís jewels made by Paul Revere for King Hiramís Lodge in 1796.  The original trowel used by Grand Master John A. Blake, Governor Curtis Guild and President Roosevelt to lay the cornerstone of the Pilgrim Monument 100 years ago will spread the allegorical cement of Brotherly Love.

 In a Masonic Laying of the Cornerstone ritual, the ancient working tools of the stonemason are applied to the stone.  With each application, the officers attest to the fact that the craftsmen have done their work correctly and with skill.  This ceremonial testing of the cornerstone by the square, level and plumb alludes to the testing of each Masonís virtues during his lifetime in preparation for that House, ďeternal in the heavens, not made with handsĒ

 As we celebrate this centennial of an historic event, we record ourselves in the continuing history of the Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum


On the Pier welcoming the Grandmaster:     


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