LODGE TOUR  Part 4: "The Lodge Collection"

King Hiram's Lodge is indeed fortunate that virtually all of the hand written records dating back to 1795 have been carefully preserved and are available for all to see today.  In addition, we have in our collection the original Officers jewels made by Paul Revere, our original charter with Revere's signature still plainly visible, and countless documents, receipts, photographs and other artifacts.  Part of our master plan for future projects is to create a museum space in the Lodge to properly display this priceless collection.   For now however, please enjoy the following photographs, and check back frequently as more are included.  

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1795cert.gif (284033 bytes)

Master Mason Certificate from Issued to Bro. John William Johnson on November 20, 1795.
 This document was printed at Paul Revere's shop.


Masonic_Fair_Poster.jpg (71976 bytes)

Large poster advertising the Masonic Fair which was held in 1882.
Lodge Collection


Trestleboard.jpg (81139 bytes)

Cover of a brochure announcing various events to take place during the 1882 Masonic Fair.
Lodge Collection


Trowel.jpg (48103 bytes)

Trowel used at the laying of the cornerstone of the Pilgrim Memorial Monument by President Theodore Roosevelt.
Roosevelt, a Brother Mason, conducted the Masonic ceremony on August 20, 1907
Lodge Collection


conant.jpg (68483 bytes).

Portrait of Capt. Jonathan Cook (1753-1835)
Master of King Hiram's Lodge 1799-1801, 1805-1807
Lodge Collection


Officers Jewels.jpg (100354 bytes)

Set of Silver Officer's Jewels made for King Hiram's Lodge by Paul Revere's shop in 1796. 

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